Fit for
the future

Sustainability Report 2015

Fit for the future

Sustainability Report 2015

Fit for the future

The RasGas vision to be a global energy supplier striving for excellence encompasses the continuous commitment to improve performance, adhere to best practices, and be a role model in Qatar and across the world.

Market conditions over the past 18 months have been challenging, with falling energy prices, geo-political instability, and economic difficulty.  These factors have brought volatility and uncertainty to the global energy market.
Since 2014, RasGas has been proactive in its response to these macro-economic challenges and has implemented a revised strategic plan which builds on its successes to create a stronger future. RasGas has a reputation for excellence in safety, reliable operations, project execution, and corporate citizenship and there is an opportunity to further optimise our business to become even more efficient.

We have remained focused on strategy execution to create a leaner and focused business which is well-positioned for the future. Our action has included restructuring our internal operations and taking initiatives that target cost reduction while seeking improved efficiency and boosting innovation throughout our operations.

Our drive focuses on our core business, optimising the way we do things, being more resource efficient while maintaining our high standards of performance. This sustainable and innovative way of undertaking our business will further ensure our long-term contribution to the State of Qatar.

Hamad Mubarak Al Muhannadi
Chief Executive Officer

RasGas has a long-established reputation for excellence in safety and project execution, reliable operations, and corporate citizenship. Looking to the future, we see a significant opportunity to drive change in the organisation that focuses on our core business, optimises the way we do things and ensures we are resource-efficient, all while maintaining our high standards of performance. This will ensure we remain a competitive, compelling and sustainable choice for our stakeholders as we operate in an increasingly competitive global environment.

Confronting long-term challenges

Our sustainability framework provides a structured approach for identifying and responding to long-term global economic and environmental challenges and national and local issues of development and growth.  Our enterprise risk management framework enables us to identify emerging challenges and develop appropriate responses.


As part of our continued focus on cost optimisation (one of our four Strategic Choices) we initiated a review and re-organisation of our structure in the latter half of 2015. Our new structure allows us to better focus on core business activities, to provide clearer roles and responsibilities for our employees, and ensure we are well- positioned to face future challenges.

As a result of the restructuring, we had to release a number of our employees. This was done in a manner reflective of RasGas’ commitment to the ‘People’ Strategic Choice and as such was undertaken with respect and consideration for the employees, contractors and their families, all of whom have contributed to the past successes of the business.

Operational excellence

RasGas is aware of the potential for heightened risk during periods of uncertainty and change. Our risk management framework and management control systems, coupled with our commitment to business integrity, transparency and accountability means that we are well-prepared to manage the risks that arise from changes to our own operations and markets.


In 2015, we increased our workforce Qatarization rate to 38%. Despite the restructuring, we remain committed to our Qatarization plans and continue to recruit, mentor, train and develop our Qatari employees and develop a forward succession plan, in line with our business needs and the goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

 to manage the risks that arise from changes to our own operations and markets.

Social investment

We recognise that our long-term ability to succeed is underpinned by the relationships we hold in Qatari society, and the benefits our activities deliver locally.

Our efforts to support the development of Qatari people and society continue align with our Corporate Social Responsibly (CSR) programme. RasGas engages in dialogue with stakeholders in Qatar and overseas, working to address their needs through interaction and community-based surveys.

Efficiency and innovation

RasGas delivers reliable and cleaner energy to the world in a safe and efficient manner. Our long-term strategies are aimed to mitigate the environmental impacts associated with our activities, products, and services, driven by a philosophy of continuous improvement.

RasGas is continuously exploring opportunities to enhance its operational efficiency by leveraging the latest technology and fostering innovation. Beyond technological gains, our ideas and solutions also enhance the entire value chain, as highlighted within this section. 

Learn about our ideas and solutions for enhancing efficiency and innovation

  • Efficiency in operations in 2015
  • Technology
  • Barzan technology
  • Well integrity
  • Water management
  • Efficiency in shipping

More information on energy efficiency in our day-to-day operations is provided in the Environment section of this report.

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