Doha, Qatar - 23 August, 2015: A user guide with the potential to increase a machine’s efficiency by six per cent, enhance the quality of RasGas Company Limited’s (RasGas) liquefied natural gas (LNG) production and bolster the company’s revenues. That was the ingenious idea that recently won Al-Maha Al-Mana the RasGas Summer Internship Star Competition 2015. 


The competition - held for the eighth consecutive time this year - marks the end of the Company’s tenth Summer Internship Programme offered to young Qataris and residents studying in local universities. In addition to providing an environment where students can learn about business needs in the field, interns are given individual projects to work on under the guidance of a mentor and are eligible to compete in the annual Summer Internship Star Competition held at the end of their summer stint with RasGas. Competing interns present their projects to a panel of judges and are selected based on their presentation’s delivery and content.


Of this year’s 53 interns who joined RasGas’ summer programme, 8 vied for the coveted title of “RasGas Star”. The winning Mechanical Engineering student at Texas A&M University in Qatar presented a user guide to significantly increase the efficiency of Companders used in the LNG industry.


Speaking of the internship programme, the Rising Junior student says she learned a lot from being on site and experiencing first-hand RasGas’ work environment at Ras Laffan. “It was a very valuable and challenging experience for me. Working on this project under the guidance of my RasGas mentor allowed me to have a clear vision of what my future career as an engineer will be like,” said Al-Mana.


Al-Mana along with Abdulaziz Al-Meraghi, a Chemical Engineering student at Qatar University and AbdulRahman Hendi who is also studying Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University in Qatar all made it to the final round of the competition. Al-Meraghi proposed cost-saving environmental project while Hendi studied the efficiency of the Company’s well casings to suggest future improvements. They all presented their projects before a panel of three judges representing various sectors of Qatar’s booming economy. Al-Meraghi and Hendi won second and third place respectively.


“At RasGas, we recognise that in order to excel in a global society, graduates must not only possess the highest academic knowledge but must have practical workplace skills.

Our Summer Internship Programme is designed to offer that bridge between university and employment. While allowing interns to apply theoretical and academic concepts in the work environment, the mentors are in turn challenged to see things through the fresh pair of eyes of the inquisitive interns under their guidance,” said RasGas Chief Employee Development and Welfare Officer, Erhama Al-Kaabi.

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