Doha, Qatar, 23 May 2016: RasGas Company Limited’s (RasGas) Offshore Production Department (Shorebase) has completed an exceptional 19 years of operations without a Lost-Time Incident.

RasGas Shorebase has served as a hub supporting the offshore gas production operations and our drilling operations. Its contribution towards supporting the logistics involved with the production of 9.0 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas and the drilling of over 150 offshore gas production wells is indeed unparalleled.

The company’s Chief Operations Officer, Fahad Mohammed Al Khater, praised the Offshore Production Department’s success, stating, “I am extremely proud that we continue to demonstrate RasGas’ industry-leading safety performance”.

“RasGas has a long-established culture of safety awareness, and our rigorous and systematic approach to reducing and eliminating workplace risk has made the company an industry leader in safety performance. This significant milestone is a testament to our focus on accident prevention and our commitment to maintaining an injury-free workplace.”

Mr. Al Khater also congratulated the company’s contractor workforce for playing a critical role in ensuring safety is a priority and maintaining a secure work environment in all RasGas locations.

While the safety challenges in the oil and gas industry are significant, Mr. Al Khater concluded; “These accomplishments demonstrate that working together as a team and embedding safety as a core value in everything we do, brings RasGas closer to our goal where  ‘Nobody Gets Hurt’.”

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